Sunday, September 21, 2014

Homeschool Corner: School Room Makeover

When we started homeschooling,
we didn't have an official schoolroom.
 We used our kitchen table,
stored most of our books in our 
pantry/laundry/entry from our garage room,
and extra books that we store on bookshelves in our 
living room, turned playroom.
(then we used our formal living/dining room combo as our family room)
I know, 
its really confusing,
but it worked for us.  

When we moved back to NC,
we actually had an official dining room.
But in our 14 years of being married
4 different houses,
we have 
used our dining room
as an actual dining room
I hate having 
unused rooms in our houses!

So without hesitation,
our dining room
became our new school room.

We shoved all of the pieces we had in here,
but I didn't have a table!
I wasn't sure what kind of table I wanted,
so temporarily
we used a folding table from the garage.

(Here is the "Before")
That temporarily...
turned into a year!

I had finally had enough,
and started hunting...
Our little town doesn't have a lot of options,
and I really wanted a used table for our school table.
I was even willing to paint it,
if it was the perfect one...

I took measurements,
and started hitting the used furniture ads 

I started to see some pieces that might work,
so I sat down with one of our dry erase boards,
and started "moving furniture around"...
to see how it would fit best.

I never did find a table that was exactly what I was looking for,
mainly because I wasn't sure exactly 
what I was looking for.

But I did stumble upon a table
that I thought would work,
and would be a good investment.

So, I got tired of looking and got it.
I also stumbled upon another desk.
So my husband and I do not have to try and share.

Here are the

I redid the room in March,
and it still pretty much looks the same,
6 months later.