Tuesday, September 16, 2014

St Patrick's Day - Martinez Style..

When I was a kid,
my mom always turned whatever food
she could...
on St Patrick's Day.

I have done it in years past,
but it was not very well received.
But I refuse to give up!

So I did it again...

Green grits
green eggs.

Green milk,
both in the cup
in the cereal!

Green sprinkles on my coffee...
why not?!

For dinner:
roasted cabbage,
green mashed potatoes!

I think the green mashed potatoes were
the last straw for my kids.
They informed me that that was a little
over the line.

And this is how Ms. Priss dressed
(Thanks to my bestie,
Aunt Teena!)
She won a prize for "best dressed"
at our homeschool co-op!!

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