Sunday, August 5, 2012

Last Week

Last week was a MESS!
I am sure you have those days
where you just want to crawl back into bed
and start the day over
or just skip it completely!

Last week I had one of those WEEKS!
Nothing major, 
just everything was happening at once,
and I got SO overwhelmed with 
We had started back to school,
it was the last week of our summer sports league
(so there were trophies to buy and parties to plan),
then the "real" new school year is getting ready to start,
so all of our homeschool groups are starting to ramp up,
and in an attempt to get active and make friends,
I had previously volunteered alot...
probably too much.
I volunteered to coordinate t-shirts for one of the groups. 
I started it a few months ago,
but quickly got unmotivated due to lack of response.
I got re-motivated by the group leader last week
and she asked me to press on.
So I did.
I am pleased with what came out of it,
the design I came up with
With the help of the only 3 participants in our 
design contest - 
14 said they were interested in participating...
I got 3 submissions.
So I combined aspects of their designs 
into one design.
I am pleased with how it turned out and will share soon!

I also volunteered to help plan, organize, co-coordinate
a used book sale for another local homeschool group
(very closely linked to the other ones I am a part of)
It has been a rough process with limited responses there too.
But we are pressing forward
the sale is Friday,
I am just ready for this one to be behind us.

used book sale
house decisions here
house decisions back home
oh yeah,
and then that whole "other" blog thing...

cooking, cleaning, schooling
It just all hit me at once
I wanted to just tell everyone
(but my family)
to go away
leave me alone!!!

But I didn't...
I survived...

we had the
school day we have had yet!
Well yet this year anyways
(in the 4 total weeks we have
been back at it).

So this weekend,
I regrouped,
reorganized somethings (will share later),
made my "to-do" list
made tons of headway on my 
above mentioned 

I am excited to look towards 

Thanks for listening.
Sometimes I really just need it. 

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