Thursday, August 16, 2012

Science Class - The Eye

Sometimes I really surprise myself...
we are getting the hang of somewhat
of a schedule around here.
Sort of...

We are doing well with a few subjects
others are lacking.

R is doing well with
reading & comp

J is doing well with

We haven't worked religion into
J's workload yet...

Science and History and Geography...
we do when I work them in.

We started reading out of 3rd grade
science book we have.

I decided to teach both boys science at the same time.
They will each get something out of it.
Theoretically, R will get more out of it than J will,
but, they should both get SOMETHING out of it.

We started reading about senses,
sense organs,

Then we moved into the sense organs.
Eyes being first...

We were reading about a few parts of the eye:

And the book was describing the purpose of the 
iris is not only just for color,
but to control the light entering the pupil.

So I thought about ways to help show 
the boys about this concept.

So out came the flashlight...
And explicit instructions that this is NOT
a game...
just instructional time with mommy.

But first I had them check out 
each other's irises
eye color.

 I let the boys shine the flashlight
briefly in my eyes 
then move it
to watch the irises/pupils
change size...

(check out the big ole finger in this pic) 

 Then we used their little sister's 
Hello Kitty hand held compact mirror
to look at their eyes
and draw and label it!

I was impressed with J's ability to keep up with this.
He did VERY well,
and he labeled the parts well too!!

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  1. This looks fun!! I enjoy teaching my kids together!