Wednesday, April 8, 2015

August 2014 Big Camping Trip: Day 2 & 3

Whoa!  It has been a long time since I started 
retelling our August 2014 camping adventure.

If you need a refresher as to what the drive and Day 1
looked like,

Click Here:

While sorting the pictures from the rest of our trip,
I came across these two gems!

This first one makes me fall in love a little more with him.

This second one...
he totally gets his love of dancing from me!

After all that excitement we needed to relax!
We spent Sunday relaxing!
Sunday is the day of the 
"big turnover"
Lots of people leaving,
lots of people coming. 

So Yogi goes around saying "Good-Bye" to all of the campers.

After waving at Yogi,
we noshed on a few of one of mommy's favorite snacks,
compliments of Papa,
boiled peanuts!

Getting a decent picture of the kids was easier said than done..

"Ok, Tony, I'm done."

What'd I do mom?

We lit a fire,
because it is a must when camping...
and roasted a couple of marshmallows.
Tony didn't want to get too close.
(Good boy)
But at that distance, it was going to take forever
for his marshmallows to toast!

And this girl...
I love this picture!

The kids sweet talked their dad into going down the waterslide.

Day 3, 
Daddy had to attend class.
So we were on our own.

Daddy took the car 
and left us at the campgrounds.
Last year we tried it both ways, 
but it was really pointless
for us to take him.
We never left the campground!

 We started off the morning greeting our little feathered friends.

And all the BABIES!!!!!

We ventured over to the Ranger Station to help
BooBoo get going that morning.

We had a little bit of a shower that day
(this picture totally makes me think
of Dirty Dancing - don't ask me why!)

And took a few sunkissed selfies!

Then came the event my kids had been waiting for.
The Water Wars Hey Ride!

The entire campground was dotted with people
just waiting...
to soak the individuals in the trailer!
The campground staff would follow us 
throwing water balloons,
race ahead and post themselves at an unmanned water hose
and hose us down as we drove past,
Mama Bear (owner of the campground),
was one of the biggest "soakers".
Campers and staff all got in on the fun,
with the sole purpose of 
getting those on the hey ride as wet
as possible.
Daddy chose to sit this one out,
so the kids and I jumped on.

My crew did not come prepared
we did not have weapons to defend ourselves with.
So my poor boys were begging people for their guns!
It didn't work out for them though.

We were thankful for a few laid back days.

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