Tuesday, April 21, 2015

August 2014 Wrap Up - The Rest of the Month

The rest of our month was event-filled as is typical.

While we were camping I had taken a
box of neat cupcake mix
with the intent to bake them there,
in our little toaster oven.
Thought it would be a nice treat.
It was a "half" box,
that only makes 12.
And these had a filling that came with them.
Oh yum!!!

We didn't make them while camping,
so I, well the kids,
made them when we got home.

And I didn't feel like using icing...
so we turned them into S'Mores cupcakes!

After they were cooked,
I took them out,
placed a marshmallow on top of each.
Put them back in the oven,

Turned the broil on,
waited for the marshmallows to start puffing up
and getting brown on top.
Then pulled them out,
used a measuring cup, 
sprayed on the outside!,
to gently press them down!

They were SCRUMPTIOUS!!!!!

 Daddy and I celebrated our 
14th Anniversary!
By staying in.
It is a little easier on the wallet
just to send the kids up to the 3rd floor
to watch a movie,
and us stay in.

So we picked up a few things:
pink champagne (our honeymoon reminder)
some delish soup from a local bakery
and dessert!
Then we made some 
bacon wrapped cream cheese stuffed jalapenos.
Nothing fancy here!
Just things we like!

A few days later,
we participated in Daddy's department
"Family Day".
And when you are director
and in charge
and things need fixing...
you climb up the blown up waterslide...

Then hoist your 10yo...

to fix it.

Then when you are done with that...
you get dressed in your bright orange "work" shirt,
bright orange bathing suit
and awful orange and red tie....
and you hop into the
Dunking Booth
for your turn.

And yes,
that water is so discolored you cannot see his legs here!

The Family Day was a success,
and they had a pork BBQ cook off.
That is one of my favorites,
so I 
volunteered to be a judge!
I took it very seriously!
And enjoyed every minute!

While we were enjoying our day,
I was nervously waiting for the arrival of our new tenants
for our rental house an hour away.
They were driving in from Arizona!

They were due to arrive that day.
I finally got in touch with them.
They said they had arrived safe and sound.

there was a problem at the house that we needed to address.
(The old tenants had just moved out a few weeks before,
so I couldn't image what had happened!)
Come to find out the old basketball goal
that was beside the driveway had rusted through
and fallen over!!!

We are SOOOO
thankful that it happened while the house was unoccupied
and that there were no cars,
nor people
in the driveway when it DID happen!

So we gathered what tools we could from home
and hit the road.

We went to assess the situation.

Then off we went to Home Depot.
We had to get something to cover this sweet little 
project car that they had pulled with them.
And a sledge hammer.
Daddy was quite excited about that.

My main concern was making sure that we removed
as much as we could so that there was nothing left to damage anything
or hurt anyone.

The people who installed it had made sure it wasn't going anywhere.
The concrete foot they made was atleast 2' in wide
and he quit digging when he got about 2' down
and there was STILL a ton of concrete!

So he decided to start pounding away at it,
trying to break it up into pieces,
because we couldn't lift it out. 
And pounding
and pounding
and pounding...

After a LONG time of that...
he finally had enough.
He decided just to cut it off.
We burned up atleast 2 blades
on the SawZaw.

We couldn't figure out why or what in the world was going on.

We finally got through enough so that we could 
bend it the rest of the way over
and discovered that the pipe
was full of concrete too!!!
That entire piece you see laying down...

After a few bags of rocks and top soil,
we managed to cover what was left.

That was WAY more than we had bargained for.

While we were there,
I did some cleaning up on the inside too.

Then the highlight of our August
was the beginning of
Wolfpack Football Season!!!

We always go to as many games as we can.
And as the kids have gotten older
those games we CAN make,
have gotten fewer.
But we always have a blast when we go!

This is one of my favorite pictures of 

The big boys decided to paint their faces.
Rico had sweat so much that his washed off.
Jackson's was all smeared from sweat.
It was quite interesting.
But they loved it!

And our obligatory family picture
at the Wolfpack stadium!

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