Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Little More August: The Busted Lip...

Our youngest,
sweet boy child
by far

He has no fear.
No worries.
Pushes limits.
Pushes boundaries.
And scares me to death...

I am honestly SHOCKED
that he has not had an ER visit
yet in his short little life.

That all changed in August 2014.

It was a Thursday evening...
I was being creative with dinner.
Cooking a very interesting meal:

Roasted Cabbage Steaks 
topped with a 
Sauteed Ground Pork & Apple Patty
topped with an
over easy egg.

Oh I was so excited!

I was about half way through cooking.
The rest of the family was in the living room watching TV.
I poked my head in to see what everyone was doing,
just in time to see Tony Cruz,
who was popping a balloon up in the air
(not watching where he was going),
pop it up and then trip over 
his own feet and land face first onto the edge
of our "leather" covered blanket keeper/footstool.

He screamed and rolled face down on the carpet.
I walked calmly over to assess the situation,
rolled him over and saw blood...
on him and the carpet.

I grabbed him and handed him off
to daddy to take him and clean him up
while I attempted to get the blood out of the carpet.

While I was cleaning the carpet,
my husband calls from the bathroom
"Babe, I think this one is going to need stitches"

I walked in and saw this:

(I took this picture later to show to my family and nurses sisters)

I am not one to panic,
I under react, if anything.

When I saw that lip, 
I said,
yep - probably needs stitches.
It is almost 7pm.

I avoid the Hospital ER at all costs.
I have only been once,
when Jackson broke his arm a few years ago.

So I gave daddy instructions on finishing dinner,
loaded my baby boy in the car,
pulled out of the driveway,
then sat at the end of the street...
I had NO IDEA where to take him at that time of day!

Luckily a lady was on an evening walk,
I was preventing her from walking because she didn't know where I
was going.
I rolled down the window,
then told her what was going on and that I had no idea where to go!

Thankfully she told me about an Urgent Care that was still open!
So off we went.

This kid was amazing!!!!
He is so tough,
so resilient!

He had a smile on his face

and was goofing around with me!

The doctor and nurse came in.
They wrapped him up in a sheet,
like a straight jacket almost.
(That kinda freaked him out a bit)
Then numbed his lip.
That was the worst part.
we talked about Octonauts and anything I could think of
to keep his mind off of what was going on.
(Getting him to talk was not the smartest idea while
he was getting stitches in his lip,
but darnit - it worked and my kid was calm!
And that is what mattered!)

He got 3 stitches...
like a CHAMP!

And afterwards,
we had to check them out in the mirror.

He thought it was pretty cool.

He got lots of attention from his siblings
and daddy when we got home.
And got to spend a bit of time on the couch
with an ice pack the rest of the weekend.

And I was shocked at how swollen it was the day

My poor baby.

But it didn't slow him down...
not one bit.

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