Sunday, April 12, 2015

August 2014 Big Camping Trip: Day 5

It truly is amazing how action packed
eventful our trips are to this place!
We are camping for pete's sake!
How in the world could we possibly
do enough exciting stuff that it is worthy of photographing
for posterity??

We sincerely have so much fun
that I am eager to share it
I want to make sure the kids have these memories,
and photographs,
when they get older...
to look back on.

The boys love the canoes and kayaks so much,
they spent a tremendous amount of time on them.
They even rounded up boats that had not been tied up properly
and floated away.
This became a daily ritual for them.

Mr. T, meanwhile,
kept his feet firmly planted on dry ground!
And watched from the shore.

One of the awesome things about having a lake front site,
is your brother can come and pick you up in his canoe!

Lex and Tony played with one of our neighbors.
We always seem to make friends when we camp.
It is such a neat part of camping!

That afternoon,
we treated ourselves to some ice cream.

 And for whatever reason,
Tony decided to eat his with his hands.

A quick picture with BooBoo.

That evening,
after dinner,
we decided to go on the nature trail around the campground.
I asked fellow campers if we needed tennis shoes
or if flip flops would be ok.
I was assured flip flops were sufficient.
So off we went...

that is straight up.
Red clay mud...
At this point we were thinking that flip flops
weren't a great idea.

The cool thing about this trail
is it is geocaching too.
They set up geocaches along the way.
In each geocache is a hole puncher.
You take along your "activity" card,
and punch each geocache as you find them.
We missed 2 somehow and had to back track to find them
because we just don't give up!

So I can only guess that they were
looking for one of the clues up there.

And this cutie was bringing up the rear!

We made it to the top of the hill and came across this amazing 
treehouse that they had recently built.

Some of the staff were stocking the treehouse,
and getting a fire ready
for one of the events of the evening.
We didn't participate,
but really wish we would have!

My babies posing at the bottom of the treehouse.

My goofballs posing at the bottom of the treehouse.

Back on the trail,
we continued looking for our geocaches.
Each geocache had a clue to help us find the next one.
It was fun watching the big boys trying to decipher the clues.

We came across 2 snakes on our trek.
It was very neat,
but gave us all quite the start!
Unfortunately it was getting darker as we headed back,
and we kept our eyes PEELED for more snakes.
I was really concerned about someone accidentally stepping on one.

Just before we got back to camp,
I had to pause and take this picture.
The peacefulness at dusk during this picture,
is not adequately captured.

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