Tuesday, April 14, 2015

August 2014 Big Camping Trip: The Rest of the Week

The last few days were not nearly as exciting as the first few.
We stayed busy,
but doing many of the same things.
playing games,
(cooking and cleaning take a lot more time when camping).

Lex made such a good little friend, 
that we let her spend the night one night with them.
And her little friend 
came and took a nap with Lex.
They were awfully quiet and I found them snuggled up
and passed out.

Ms. Priss was super excited to see Cindy.


Lex convinced mom to step in for a quick all girls picture.

Daddy took a Cindy Bear selfie.

 Lunch on the "patio".  

On Saturday they did another boat race.
This time,
I let daddy and the boys do it.

We had a great time,
as we always do.
And already have our trip booked for 2015 too!

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