Thursday, April 16, 2015

One More August Post: A New Era

In July 2014,
this family entered into a new era.
And I acquired a new title:


Aside from being terrified that my boys are going to get
REALLY hurt,
I find myself filled with an immense amount of
pride and excitement!

We started off practices in late July.
Then went away on vacation for a week
(see the previous posts about our
Big Camping Trip!)

So practices really got started hard and heavy
in August.

We had a hard time deciding where to play,
in the beginning.

Friends had told us about a team across town,
a 20 minute drive.
And later on,
we heard about 2 other teams literally 5-10 minutes down the road.

We attempted to contact and get info on 2 of the 3 teams.
We immediately heard from the farthest team away.
They had sign ups scheduled.
And seemed to be on the ball.

We decided we would go visit both programs
and see which one we liked best.

We arrived at the first practice for the farthest team.
The coordinator gathered people around
then jumped up in the back of his pick up truck
so everyone could see and hear him.

He was matter of fact.
We are here to play football.
We are here to win.
Your child will get their tails worn out.
We aren't here to baby them.
We will put the best kids on the field first.
We are here to PLAY AND WIN!

The hubs and I were standing in different parts of the crowd
during this.
He caught my eye and mouthed and motioned
"We are staying here!"

So that was that!

All the age groups for our team had practice on the same days!

Daddy chose not to coach for the boys first year.
He wanted to be dad.
He coaches a LOT of their sports,
most of them.
And football is his passion.
The boys were on two different teams
and he couldn't possibly do both,
nor choose...
so he was dad
coached at home.

The first few practices were in
regular athletic clothes.

And because I, too, love football...
and did before I met my husband.
I was going to 

Which means my two little shadows came along too...
 And they found different ways to entertain themselves...

I eventually brought a blanket so they wouldn't "have" to 
sit on the grass.
Quite a few times
Mr. T took advantage of the opportunity and
took a quick nap in the sun!

I stated the daddy was going to coach both boys at home.
One of the things he did was set up a tire for Rico to throw at.
Rico was trying out for quarterback.
And was actually selected as one of the 2 qbs!
And Rico is determined and driven.
He always wants to improve his skills
be the best!
(gets that from his daddy)

was helping set up the tire stand.

Then thought it would be funny to give his brother 
something to aim at,
until he realized how good Rico was
had to duck!

Then we went away on vacation
(see previous posts about the
Big Camping Trip)
the boys got their equipment!!


These pads were a little too big for
they had to order a smaller set for him.

Jackson just looks plain 
awesome in his gear!

He is a beast!
Our gentle giant.
And totally looked the part all geared up!

(I think I caught him mid-blink here,)

Mr. T had to get in on the act too!

(dern he is cute!)

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