Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bird Nursery

For a few months now,
we have had the privilege to watch
2 families of baby birds.

It started back in April
and my grandmother thoroughly
enjoyed watching the mommy
sitting on her nest
when my mom and grandmother
came to visit back in April.

The first babies left the nest
while we were away on our 
mini vacation to Dallas in May.
We missed watching them leave the nest.

A second family of birds
took over the nest 
within days of the first 
babies vacating the nest.

This time we were around to see them
leave the nest
and it was somewhat traumatic!!

We woke up one morning
to find 2 of the babies on hunkered down
on the patio

then he wandered toward the house
to find some safety...
he managed to get in between the screen
and the back door.

and the third teetering on the edge of the nest.

I wasn't sure if they had fallen out
or if they were out voluntarily.

We were cleaning up the kitchen
and one of the boys noticed
that the third baby was upside down 
on the patio with its wings spread.
I was a little worried.
I got up the nerve to go out
and dodge the 
momma & daddy birds

flipped it over using a cloth.

It scampered off to hide under the little rocker
on the patio.
So it seemed ok.

when the hubs got home later 
he found it had made its way off of the patio
and was under the kids slide...
it had not survived.  

So out of 11 eggs that have been laid 
in that nest,
only 6 have survived 
to leave the shelter of the patio.

So now,
family #3 has moved in.

There are 5 more eggs...
I took this picture a few weeks ago

And last Sunday, we noticed that they have hatched...

This is our third set of baby birds this summer,
and the excitement hasn't died down.
It always so wonderful 
to see their little heads 
and hear those little peeps!

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