Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rain Delay

This past weekend,
Scout Night
the local minor league baseball stadium,
The Missions.

Scout night includes:
the game,
a food voucher
on the field
after the game!!

How cool is that?

Along with Scout Night,
the hubs got a couple of 
vouchers for the "party deck".
Unlimited food & sodas & beer.
(He was happy!)

So we started out over at the party deck.
Then met up with rest of our group.
The game was a total BLOWOUT.
And the kids were there with friends,
so there wasn't a whole lot of
baseball watching going on...

(I couldn't resist taking a picture of these CURLS!!!)

There were some pretty wicked clouds
near the stadium...

Then the lightening started...
then the thunder...
And eventually the rain.

And we all just kinda watched and waited.

Ms. Priss is petrified of thunder...
she FREAKED out
and jumped into daddy's arms.

And held on for dear life!

We got to see a rainbow off in the distance,
before the rain got to us.

And it got kinda windy...

I have no words for those last two pictures...

Captain J on the lookout.

Daddy with his hands full, 

Remember these seats were full...
all these people were huddled 
under the awning... 

Yep, I let my boys play in the rain...

The players actually continued through the rain 
and lightening.
Then they finally decided 
on a rain delay.

We decided to take a group picture
of the kids while we were waiting.

Mine are the two drowned rats in the back
on the left side...
The ONLY two wet kids...

When the skies finally cleared,
2 hours later...

We got back to NOT watching the game!

We finally left at about 10:30pm 
after we learned that they had 
cancelled the sleepover
on the field
due to the rain...

We had a good time, 
but 1/2 the stadium was there
to sleep on the field...
so there were a lot of 
disappointed kids
(and dads).

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