Tuesday, July 10, 2012


here are the pictures from 
my mother-in-law's camera!!

So here is another briefing
on how crazy our week was last week!


RiverWalk & Rainforest Cafe

We always have to go for a boat ride
when we go down to the Riverwalk:

(I have NO idea what in the world that is in front of R's face,
I am guessing Grammy's hand???)

After our boat ride,
made our way to the 
Rainforest Cafe.

We did have to wait
a little bit for a table,
so we killed time
checking out the ducks and fish.

And alligators!!

And wandering around the restaurant...

We finally got a table...

J was in awe of all the decorations around the place.
Not quite sure what exactly he was looking at here.

Mr. T concentrating on the kids menu.  

Then a lady was walking around making balloon 
things...so Grammy called her over.

Ms. Priss got a Hello Kitty balloon thing.

R got an alien with a sword.

J got Spiderman with a web.

Mr. T even got something...
she made him a rattle!
It was ADORABLE and he LOVE IT.
But because she put sugar crystals in the
top balloon,
it popped quickly after he got it.
But it was still SUPER cute
while it lasted!!

It was a cute "dining experience".

Then we walked around a little bit more.
And Grammy snapped a cute picture of
me & the hubs.

No additional pics from Monday or Tuesday (yet).


More from SeaWorld

Some pictures from some of the rides
the kids hit...

Mr. T is all about wanting to ride the rides,
until they start moving!
I knew he wouldn't actually get on the horse,
but daddy wanted to try anyways.
Looks like they enjoyed their ride regardless 
of how they took it...
sitting or standing.

Then Ms. Priss will ride ANYTHING!!!

with anyone!

actually the story with this one,
she and the boys went up to ride this little 
kiddie coaster,
apparently she needed an adult to ride
with her,
so they rearranged instead of asking for 
her parent.

Again - I knew Mr. T wouldn't like the ride
but he was insisting - 
again - until it started moving!

Apparently I enjoyed this kiddie ride too!

Ms. Priss & J enjoyed this ride so much
they rode a second time with Grammy.

We hit some shows...
I love Mr. T's 
verbal and facial expressions!!
He is really starting to really react 
to his surroundings
and take things in.

Daddy & the boys were down in the 
"splash zone"
while the women and children stayed
up in the bleachers!!

Incredible Pizza

As previously noted,
Ms. Priss will ride 


Mr. T talks the talk...
but doesn't
walk the walk.

Bless his heart!!
(Mommy says with a smile on her face.)

J even got in on the rides...

I think I see my (er, his) future.

Mr. T is at the age where he is obsessed with balls.
Any and all!


And at the duck pin bowling,
he would literally grab a ball,
throw it down the lane,

then come back
grab another,
throw it too...

Meanwhile ball 1 is still
on its way down the lane.
Then come back for a 3rd...
needless to say,
he confused the computerized 
score keeper

Here are a couple of shot from some of our trips
to the pool...

And a couple of random ones
that are just too cute NOT to post!  

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