Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Virtual Baby Shower

You should all know by now,
that my middle sister is pregnant with 
her first child over at

Most of you also know,
that I moved half way across the country
last fall,
only to find a few months later
that she was pregnant!

The baby showers have started
and I got the privileged of helping
remotely with the first one.
I got to make the invitations.

You can see more about them here

I was VERY pleased with how they turned out.

I attempted to find ways to get up there
but as the days drew near,
it didn't work out.
The main preventative
(besides funds)
was baby duty...
I was on baby duty due to
a LONG scheduled Scouting trip
to the Missions game.
(our minor league baseball team)
That you just read about last posting.

So last minute,
I contacted EVERYONE up there.
My mom,
my baby sister,
the hostess,
the guest of honor...

I was so excited,
my daughter and I got to
virtually attend my sister's shower!

My baby sis loaded us up on Skype,
then graciously walked us around 
to see all the guests
(which were either family members
or close family friends).
I think I made it past maybe 2 people
before the waterworks started.
I had the two littles in my lap
and was just boohooing!
Cause I couldn't be there.

After getting to say hey to everyone,
we signed off 
while they all chatted and mingled
with the intent of bringing us back
for the gifts.

So they did!  They positioned the laptop
where we had a good view
my daughter and I got to attend
the shower virtually!
It was ALMOST as good as being there.
It was definitely the next best thing.
I spent over an hour and a half 
with my family.
It was GREAT!

(not the best pic - but I love it!)

We even got to sit on the couch and be a part of the conversation!

We seem to be doing this a lot lately,
but I am so thankful for Skype!
We have opened 
presents via Skype.
We attended the gender reveal party
via Skype
to learn the gender of this little bundle
(I was right with my prediction, by the way!)

Skype is a GREAT thing!
And it definitely makes these 
1424 miles 
a *little* more 

There are a few more pictures
over at my sister's site.
Our McWonderful Life

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