Monday, July 23, 2012

Operation Overboard

Operation Overboard...
that was the theme of our VBS this year.

Super cute!

I volunteered and put the little in the nursery
but I would get them out a little early
to participate in the closing music 
each day.
Mr. T and Ms. Priss
the singing and dancing.
And they are even learning the words too.
SOOOOOOO cute!!!

of Mr. T doing the moves
with all the kids.
This was the second day
and he was following along

I led the games
this year.
Well, co-led.
I really enjoyed it
will probably do it again next year.

The object of this activity was team work.
They had to turn the towel over 
while they were all standing on it.
I was really surprised with how
well the groups did
on this task!

R's group

J's group

Then we did experiments at our 
station too.
I enjoyed throwing out
little snipits of science:
surface tension,
particle disbursement,
while the other
was performing the experiment.

Then Friday,
I got to walk around with the boys a bit.
Here is J and his buddy 
during snack time with 
big ole blowpops
tucked in their cheek.

Bunny ears and teeth?
I have no idea...

R and his buddy
(J's buddy's older brother)

No clue what Ms. Priss is doing here.
Notice the boots.
Her choice...

On Friday there was also a little
for the parents...

Mr. T & Ms. Priss even went up 
to perform with them.
Notice the hot pink britches
in the middle of the pic below...

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