Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Organizing This House - The Kids' Closets

Along with our stay-cation last week
I have been really busy attempting to 
Organize This House!

There is really no easy access to the attic in this house.
So we are not using it.
Our attic at home was very utilized!
Luckily there are nice sized closets in this house.
So first order of business is to make better use of
the space in the kids closets.
Well ALL the closets!
Then we can put more long term storage in them.
There is a LOT of closet space in this house.
The closets run the span of the rooms with one set of
sliding door and then little "caves" on each side.
None of them are currently being used to their
full potential.

Tackling the Boys' Closet:

The first thing we did was completely empty the boys closet.
There were no less than 5 bookbags
and 2 unused lunchboxes in there!

Then we have the parts bunk their beds,
theirs bunk in an L shape, not the standard way.

Then I attempted to start some sort of 
organization a few years ago
for all of their halloween costumes.
I had a plastic bin
but they all just got thrown in there.

We sorted through them and put them each in their
own ziploc bag and labeled them.
It is not unheard of to have 
Batman or Spiderman
or a Ninja randomly running through
our house house on any given day.
So now all the pieces are together,
so we have a fully garbed 
running around!  

Let's see how long they last like this.

The other cave side of their closet
now houses ALL of the Christmas decorations.
They all fit nicely over there
and there is still a TON of unused space in their closet.

BUT - 
I do not want to overload it and for it not to function.

So for now - 
we will keep trying to 
put the "finishing" touches on it
Keep It Neat!


Ms. Priss' Closet

After tackling the boys closet,
I ventured into Ms. Priss' room.
Again - HUGE closet,
not being used to its potential.
The first thing I had to do was to start pulling stuff out.

When each of the boys got kicked out of the crib,
they went straight into a "big boy" bed -
full size twin bed.
The bottom of the set of bunk beds we had.

When Ms. Priss got kicked out at the age of 18 months,
we decided to splurge (with a little help from Grammy)
 on an
toddler bed for her.

She loved it -
so did I!

When we left NC, we really couldn't decide
whether or not to take it with us.
I didn't want to get rid of it,
I wanted to give it to my married
yet childless sister
and attempt to keep it as a
family bed.
Cause it is just THAT cute!


Last minute, it made the trip with us out here to Texas.
Since Ms. Priss' room was now the guest room too,
she got a big girl bed.
We actually found a great bed on CraigsList 
that was a full with a twin trundle.

The tiny bed wound up in Ms. Priss' closet while
we figured out what to do with it.

I found the above picture from our house in NC,
and put the bed on CraigsList to sell.
It was a HARD decision,
but I really couldn't justify keeping it.
So on CL it went.

I pulled it out and decided I would try
and put it together to make sure all the pieces
had made the trip.

Well this just created a problem...
Ms. Priss was BESIDE herself about that bed!

After, two trips to the hardware store
two days straight of hearing
"Mommy, will you PLEASE fix 
my tiny bed"
It finally got put together,
I made the trips to the hardware store,
I put 80% of it together,
but DADDY happened to put the final
pieces together and
put the canopy on,
in the presence of his daughter
so HE got all the credit!!
How does that work???

Needless to say,
she hasn't slept in her "big bed" since.

And the bed has been officially taken off
of CraigsList!

I think she likes it,
she even remembers her old room
I think her little brother likes it too...
Too bad I can't pass it down to him!

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  1. Hey - that bed could still be passed down. Your married childless sister is now having a girl! :) And since it's a toddler bed (and your daughter is now attached to it again) you still have time to figure out how to get it to her before her little girl needs it. :)