Sunday, July 22, 2012

School Break Anyone??

A few months ago,
you might recall me telling you that 
my boys were BEGGING me to start
their new school year!
They were SO excited about moving 
on to the next grade.

I held them off while I attempted to 
get myself organized.
We started and I had a plan
we have been following it pretty well.

Well we are doing good with
about 5 out of the 8 subjects.
Not a bad start since this is our first
FULL year.

I have been getting antsy about
getting organized so 
we decided to take a week off
so I could concentrate on 
organizing and purging.

Then we took a second week off
for Grammy's visit.

Then we had a down week
and then a week of VBS.

I didn't feel like trying to get back into a groove
for just a week.

our 2 week break
turned into a 4 week break!

Much needed I might add!

I told the kids we would do some crafts,
but I didn't make good on that offer
until week 3 of our break...

And I just kinda let 'em go at it!

They started on Sunday
and they were ready to go through!

First J insisted on putting together a pirate ship
foam kit we got from Jo-Ann's for $1.
And again we have a new LOVE for
those awesome glue dots.

He put it together all by himself
just looking at the picture.
He is so good with his hands,
he really surprises me.
And those glue dots meant -
no messy glue to worry about!!

Then they wanted to paint their bird houses.
I think I bought these in NC.
We have had these for a LONG time.
I have just resisted the 
months of begging...
I finally gave in and let them
paint their bird houses.

Then on Tuesday,
after Tae Kwon Do
we hit the library.
They were having a VERY expansive
story time,
complete with LOTS of neat activities!!

the theme was pirates!

They read the book
- which we missed, but we own
so we will have to read it ourselves.

They made treasure maps: 

Then did soap carvings:
(sort of)

The older boys drew pirate ships.

Then Ms. Priss & J went over
and made pirate hats!

Arrrrr Matey!

R decided to make a
"Wanted" poster
instead of a hat:

(If you find him, call the police right away!)
I didn't tell him that the po-po wasn't around 
during pirate times.  ;)

After our week 3: our "down week"
was VBS.

Operation Overboard
(see next post)

So I guess its back to school!

But I will try and figure out a way to 
get the littles to story time once in a while!

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