Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Here We Go!

Our new school year has begun!!

When the kids were in public school back in NC,
we opted for the year round schedule.
At first, I was honestly worried about
having them home
What in the world would I do with them?
How would I keep them entertained?
Would they lose everything they had learned in school?

Then couple that with the potential of 
taking vacations "off season" 
when rates were cheaper and beaches were emptier...
They would only be home for 3 weeks
at a time...

We figured we would give the
year round thing a try.

The idea for the year round school is typically
9 weeks on
3 week off
They don't line up that neatly, but that is the basis.

When we decided to homeschool, 
we decided we liked the freedom of the year round schedule...
After muddling through our first few
months of homeschooling,
we are finally ready to
jump in!

The boys finished the math books and language books
we were using as our schooling to complete
Kindergarten and 2nd grade.

After hunting and searching, I finally decided to 
continue down the modified
MODG path we were on.

I am using the same materials for both boys
but on their grade level.

Math, Language, Spelling, History, Science

Rod & Staff - Pathways:
Reading & Comp


Road Trip USA

I have been feverishly trying to figure out the best
way to handle their assignments
and trying to figure out some sort of schedule
just to make things go more smoothly in this house.

With the help of some new homeschooling friends,
over a couple week span,
I put all of the boys daily assignments in excel.
First, by subject,
then there is a "master schedule" that is
arranged by week and day.

Week 1 for R, looks like this:

(click on it to make it larger)

We have opted for a 4 day school week.
Basically - it is 5 days of worked put shoved into
 4 days...BUT - there is room for "catch up".

R gets these assignments on Monday morning.
It is HIS responsibility to get them done!
After breakfast, I park at the kitchen table.
The littles come and go as they please,
and the big boys get busy.

There is still a LOT to figure out,
but this week was a GREAT start!!

We managed to get all of the assignments
on R's list done.
Except for all of the history.
We are going to work on that though.

Our first "break" is scheduled for the
first week of July when Grammy comes
to visit.
We will use that week to "catch up"
and visit with Grammy!

Until then...
Here We Go!

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