Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Father's Day Adventure

We are finally and slowly leaving 
the baby phase in this house.
We have been in this 
for the past 8+ years straight...

Leaving the baby days behind us is 
I would have more (most days).

But while leaving this one
phase behind us,
it is opening us to all sorts of new
I am REALLY looking forward to that!!

For Father's Day we wanted to do something fun.
I considered whisking daddy away for a quick
trip to the beach, 
but there was a little thing called a 
that prevented an overnight trip.

So instead I started looking for something 
a little closer to home.

We started off the morning with getting daddy some of 
his favorite foods:
(seriously don't ask)

Then we packed a lunch and hit the road for a little 

We wound up at the

What an AMAZING adventure!!
We borrowed a backpack carrier,
strapped Mr. T on and headed in.

This is how we started...

We waited around a little for the tour to start

Here is where we were headed:
(This is the "Natural Bridge")

We got to see a couple of critters:

(and NO, I did not get this close to these things!
I was actually using a REAL camera with ZOOM)

When the tour started we walked a little ways to 
a holding area...
while we listened to the do's and don'ts 
of the tour.

We got to stand here at the top of the path
listening to the rules
the three oldest are staring down this "path".
This little lecture gave them time to decide
that none of them wanted to see what was down

After standing there long enough,
 Ms. Priss decided she was NOT
going in THERE!!!

Daddy gave me Mr. T 
and then he carried Ms. Priss the whole way.

Ms. Priss has a death grip on daddy!

Shortly after we entered the cavern,
we realized that switching Mr. T to my back
was a good idea.
If you haven't figured it out yet,
daddy is a big boy and has rather 
broad shoulders.
He and Mr. T would NOT have fit
through quite a few spots.

The decent:

Once we got in there and got all of them to realize
we were not walking them into the dungeon of death!,
they decided it was pretty stinking cool!!
Mr. T was constantly in my ear saying
I think he liked it!


Oh look - her feet did actually hit the 
ground once or twice while we were in there!

They all look a little wet and soggy don't they?
The humidity was at 99% in there,
but it was a balmy 70°-ish.

After I took this picture,
we put Mr. T back on daddy's back.
My shoulders were getting a bit sore 
from carrying his 25+ lb self around for over an hour...
the cavern gets really tight again on the way out
and daddy had to almost crawl out
with Mr. T on his back!

We enjoyed our little adventure
and we are looking forward to more!

After our cave adventure,
we pulled out lunch
and since it was Father's Day
daddy had picked out dessert.

My children got to taste Twinkies 
(or Cloud Cakes)
for the first time EVER!

 Mr. T didn't care for it...
Nor did Ms. Priss.

Mr. T actually put it down and 
decided he would rather have grapes!
Whoo hoo!!

We closed the day with 
2 lbs of homemade fried calamari 
with a garlic aioli sauce
5 lbs of crab legs!

And not a bit was left!
(notice no veggies, daddy's choice - 
said he didn't have to because it was Father's Day!)

Happy Father's Day to My Husband!!

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  1. What a fun cave adventure!! So glad y'all had a fun Fathers Day! I wish we had Caves back here in NC.