Monday, June 11, 2012

Bookmark Project

I have been so excited to share this post with you.

I am not much of a Pintrest person,
but somehow I stumbled upon 
the cutest idea  few months ago!

Homemade Bookmarks!

First I took crazy pictures of the kids
acting like they were hanging from a rope.

Not the easiest at this age.  We had to give T
a plastic golf club and have him hold it over
his head!

Then I cropped the pictures a LOT
to get rid of as much of
 the colored space around them
as I easily could.
(no need wasting colored ink, right?)

I fit as many as I could on one sheet.

Then cut them out, the first time.

Then again fit as many as I could on a lamination sheet
and ran them through my laminator.

And started cutting then out a second time.

I used the process described on the original posting
to make my handmade tassels.

Then I threaded my tassels through holes
I had punched in their hands so it would
look like they were hanging from a rope.

Then I sent these out to family so that they could have
these smiling faces staring back at them while they 
did their Bible study 
studied in Nursing school! 

Most of my family reads books from 
e-readers lately,
so I suggested that they could also be hung from 
thumb tacks on the office wall.

I got this idea from over at Creative Family Moments
 and ran with it!!!

Thanks for posting this CUTE idea!!!

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