Thursday, June 7, 2012

First Weekend of June...A Pictorial Review

We had a pretty wicked fever go through the 
two littles that turns into a cold.
T was feeling particularly crummy, 
so we headed to the doc...
all 5 of us!

How do I keep 4 kids entertained
in a VERY small room
for 45 min while we wait?

A friendly game of 
doctor's office twister!

 Left foot black, right foot green...

Left hand yellow, right hand red 

Right hand, left hand, right foot & left foot...
all on red! 

That didn't last all 45 minutes, but it sure helped!!

The next day T was feeling better, fever was gone,
but he has a nasty nose and cough to replace it.
So we went to our end of year "party" 
for our TORCH Homeschool group.

And got to enjoy some time on the playground.

Captain T taking us somewhere on his ship.

A enjoying the swings. 

My babies...
(aka - the littles)

Then Saturday morning, we didn't have a soccer game
to rush off to, so we decided to hit
the Home Depot for their 
kids woodworking workshop.

I tried to get T to make one, 
but he wasn't having it.
The terrible twos have hit 
this house for the 
Whoo hoo!

They made a keepsake box with a divider.

He was saying "cheese" and wanted his
picture taken too...

Then we had planned to go to 
church for a Movie Night with 
our scout pack.
And since we were already going to be there
we decided to hit the Saturday night Mass.
So we went to Mass, then went and grabbed dinner,
then came back to church for the movie.

The older boys enjoyed it,
T, again, wasn't having it...

Not the best pictures, but I had to show you 
guys the neat pavilion that we have at our church
which housed our movie night event.

Sunday morning, first thing...
I got curlers in the girl's hair.
She had pictures for her
"Cheer/HipHop/Tumble" class
that afternoon.

About 6 hours later...

All that hair, turned into this... 

(apparently the sun was in her eyes??)

Random picture:

This is what happens when you don't strap a
child in and they try to escape during a trip
to Michael's...

See...told you the terrible twos were back...

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