Sunday, June 17, 2012

Tot School

When we decided to start homeschooling
I wanted to make sure I had some items for Little Miss.
She begs to do school with us.

As you have seen before, 
I really like 
She has wonderful ideas
has created some pretty neat items
for the younger crowd.

For Preschool:

For Pre-Kinder:

I have also enjoyed using some
items from 

I really enjoy looking at all of these 
wonderfully creative ideas!
Then I automatically feel guilty
because I don't have all thes 
wonderfully creative ideas
for my littles to do during school!

I have started doing a "little"!!

When I ordered the boys Abeka books
I also ordered Little Miss a couple of books

I have finally started letting her start her books.
Well, she started one book.

Then I printed off and laminated 
quite a few items from the 
Letter of the Week program
mentioned above.

It is a CUTE program
and I had been waiting until I thought she was
ready for it to start

She was completing each of the 
little activities quicker than I was getting them made!

I am not sure I will print all of the activities
for each letter, 
just the unique ones.
She does repeat a lot of activities,
which is easy and makes sense...
but I am not sure I have the desire to do that.

Here is Little Miss working on her
"school work" this week with us.

They are both working on the letter "A".

 After she finished all the activities I had for her,
she made a drawing for me.

Now I just have to figure out a way to keep up with 
this one's desire too!


  1. Not sure which is harder... keeping up with their desires or the ink cartridges?? Looks like she is having fun.

    1. Julie - You are absolutely right. I really like a lot of the stuff I see on-line, but am not willing to print all of it off! I have been laminating what I can for reuse, then looking at the other "letters" to see what we can skip. :)