Wednesday, June 6, 2012

MORE Baby Birds!!!

All of our baby birds have moved on.
I am truly amazed at how quickly 
that whole process was!
6 weeks from
egg laying
see ya!

I had noticed another bird
hanging out around that nest
since the last inhabitants 
had left.

I started to wonder if 
another mommy had come in
and made it her own.

Then last weekend, 
the kids were out playing on the patio
and my two middle children
decided it would be a good idea to 
throw a piece of chalk in the 
presumably empty nest.
Well apparently, J is getting
better at basketball than we thought,
cause he hit it!

I got a little worried and asked daddy to 
remove it carefully because I suspected
there were more eggs in that nest.
He removed the chalk,
then tried to look,
then raised R to try and look
then got a chair and tried to look.
I finally climbed in the chair 
with my handy dandy cell phone
and got this picture:

I am excited we get to watch this again!

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