Friday, June 8, 2012

Homeschooling & Field Trips

I have always been the type of mom to volunteer in 
my kids classes (when they were in public school).
I was "room mom" for both of R's years of PS.
I really enjoyed it and liked staying "in the know" 
with what was going on in the classroom.

I loved being a part of all of it.
However, when you have 3 little ones
to watch after, 
field trips are hard.
My mom accompanied my oldest (R) on 
his class trip to the NC Zoo last year (1st grade).

So when we moved out here and started homeschooling,
I was looking forward to taking field trips.
So much so that I volunteered to help coordinate them.
I got a great start (sort of), 
but life happened and I dropped the ball.
So another wonderful mom in our group
organized a trip to a local pizzeria this morning.

The kids in their "aprons".

T refused to wear his.

T punching down his dough.
I only had to stop him from eating it once.

J shaping his dough.

A working hers.

R paying attention to the sports 
highlights on TV trying to figure out
who won the Spurs game.
(they lost)

Loading them up with sauce and cheese.

R attempted to make his shaped like a pumpkin
like the one we got on Halloween

The tour...
the question was
"Who here likes salad?"
look at all those hands!!
This place has a huge mixer 
where they make their own dressing.

The walk-in fridge & freezer...

These crazy kids liked it so much - 
they went back in for a second time!

J picking up his baby brother so he can see...

Crazy man R warming up by the fire
(he had to after that chilling experience)

The wood burning oven.

And the results:

T blowing his off after I told him it was hot.

There are no words for this one...

Here is our crew.
We had a great turn out!

Then ironically,
I received a link in my inbox today
that had a couple of cute ideas
for preparing for a visit to the Post Office!!

See here

Super cute and a great motivator.

So with any luck, we will be visiting the post office 
sometime this summer.

I am planning on creating a calendar and "preset" field trips
for our homeschool group.
They will occur on the same day (ex: third Tuesday of the month)
and there will be a list of where we are planning to go each month.
We will see how it goes.

This is one of the many things I am doing to try to get 
and STAY
more organized
in the house and our homeschooling.

I have a lot of ideas!!

So stay tuned to see what "other" changes
are coming to this house!!


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