Monday, June 18, 2012

Our Little Cheerleader!

We have ONE daughter.
I truly think God knew what he was doing 
when he only gave me one.

I adore her,
she challenges me daily,
she definitely keeps me on my toes.

Yes I grew up with 2 sisters, 
you would think I would know how to 
deal with girls more than boys...
not really,
I always got along with boys
better than girls when growing up.
(less drama!)
I was not and am not really a "girly girl".
But with her help, 
I am slowly figuring it out!

We have had the boys in sports
as soon as we could.
We wanted to start our daughter
in dance as soon as a dance studio would accept her!

Once we got settled here in Texas,
we found a dance studio close by
and got her started.

We tried the ballet/tap/jazz class,
but my sweet little girl just had WAY too much
energy for that class.

Then after talking to the instructor,
we moved her to the
hip hop/cheer/tumble class.

How perfect!
The class starts with the running around
the room!

This past weekend, 
we experienced our first
Dance Recital!

It started Friday night with a rehearsal.
Just A and I went to that one.
We were allowed to leave once her number was over,
but she was having so much fun she wanted to stay.
So we did, 
til 9:30pm!

And she danced along with every other dance...

Below is a link to a video of the rehearsal,
I am NOT the best videographer,
(or photographer for that matter)
I don't pretend to be.
Don't judge,
just be happy you have a video to enjoy!  

(click on the above link 
to get to the youtube video)

Then we got up bright and early on Saturday morning,
she still had her hair somewhat done up
from the night before
and she threw on her soccer uniform
for her first practice of summer soccer.
She is one of two girls on her team.

Then back home to get her hair back in curlers
and ready for her evening performance.

Dance, soccer, dance...
she is a talented and well rounded child already!

She had a ball!

And the boys did too!
We let the bigger boys take their DS games
They watched on and off,
Daddy & Mr. T really enjoyed it,
I caught them enjoying it too,
so daddy can't deny that he actually
enjoyed himself,
look at that grin!!

Daddy even got his tiny dancer some flowers,
J insisted on giving them to her,
so he stayed with me to gather our dancer,
while daddy went and got the car after the recital.
Ms. Priss sweetly walked to the car and told 
daddy that J had gotten her some flowers.

So he got all the credit, 
but daddy was ok with it...
he was too busy beaming about his
Tiny Dancer.

 Here are some other pictures from our 
Recital Weekend:

I dropped our little dancer off,
then met up with the boys.
The oldest two wanted to see 
all the dancers,
so I walked them back there.
I do believe they were in a little bit of heaven.

Little Miss with her little friends waiting backstage for their routine.


Ms. Priss' friend with the same name...

Unfortunately/fortunately, we just rented

these costumes,
so they took them back after
the recital and I forgot,
so I didn't get a picture with
daddy and his tiny dancer.
Next time!!

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  1. Awww! You are such a sweet mom, blessed with a very beautiful daughter. Your little girl looks super adorable in her purple cheer uniform. Too bad you guys had to return it. Anyway, I can just imagine how proud you were during the recital. I hope that A continues to work hard to hone her talent. Thanks for sharing that one proud moment! All the best!

    Jennine Stalder @ UE Sports