Friday, June 1, 2012

Spring Cleaning & Bird Update

I am teaching T how to help with laundry...
one article at a time...
that was the longest washer to dryer transfer
I have ever witnessed in my life - 
but he enjoyed it!

(and NO my laundry area does not
ALWAYS look THAT bad!!)

Then mommy actually let him push the buttons to start it!!!

We start 'em young around here!

Speaking of laundry...
Saturday, when we were getting ready for
our last baseball and soccer games...
my dear sweet husband commented on the 
amount of stains on our oldest boys
white baseball pants.

I smiled and said:

"Well, when I tried to get them super clean
back at the beginning of the season,
YOU told me not to.
Because you said it made it look like
he rode the bench and didn't actually play
enough to get dirty"

Oh you should have seen the smirk on that man's face!
His reply - grinning ear to ear...
"Ha, well that sounds like something I would say
but I don't remember saying that".

Well ya did dear, and I did as you asked...
I sent my son to games with stained baseball 
britches cause you wanted to make sure people 
knew he PLAYED!


Here are our little sports stars with 
their medals.
Unfortunately, I was helping pass out trophies for
R's team and I forgot to get a picture of him
and his medal 
(and dirty pants)

Last week, R has discovered my blog 
- so he spent quite 
a bit of time over a 2 day period catching up
with what was going on in his life!  

Gotta make sure I continue to keep it R friendly!

And finally -
 a bird update:
They have all outgrown the nest.
But they continue to come home almost every night to sleep.
The babies perch on the rim of the nest,
while mommy and daddy hang out on the porch ledge.

Then one of the kids accidentally picked out
the perfect book for us to read after lunch last week:

The Little Blue Eater Egg

It is about how Clifford finds a robin egg
and he and Emily Elizabeth take care of it til it hatches
and then release it back into the wild.

Super cute story to wrap up our baby bird watching!
Man those things grow QUICK!!!

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