Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Sports Season Has Begun...

The summer season of sports has started around here.
And it is gonna be HOT!!!

R's flag football games are going to be
on Friday evenings supposedly as things are getting cooler.
But the hottest part of the day down here is at 6pm!!

Daddy is coaching R's flag football
J's baseball.

Since there are only 3 flag football teams, 
one team gets to play 2 games per night
twice during the season.

Our first night we played twice.
Ms. Priss decided she wanted to go to the game
in her dress-up costume,
then proceeded to plop down on the ground
and dig in the dirt!
Whatever, she was out of my hair 
and I could watch the game.
That was until I turned around
and saw her and J
Mr. T in dirt! 
Literally head to toe,
they were filthy!

Since Mr. T was not using his stroller,
another family on our team had a sleeping toddler
and I offered to let him sleep in the stroller so daddy
didn't have to hold him.
That was fine until Mr. T realized
some strange child was sleeping in HIS spot in HIS stroller!!!

Who are you and why are you sleeping in my seat???

I did get to catch a few plays of the two games R played.
They won the first game and lost the second...
blame it on tiredness.  ;)

We left the Y at about 8:30pm...
we arrived back at the Y the following morning for two 8am games.
Ms. Priss & J's games.

I stayed with Ms. Priss, while daddy coached J.
The absolute BEST part of Ms. Priss' game...

Its hard to see this, but there are 3 children on the 
field on Ms. Priss' team...(her team is in orange)
You will notice that there is one child in orange by
 themself in the middle of the picture,
then there are two other children in orange
being "talked to" by their parents...
then the entire yellow team is looking on.

What was going on, you ask?
Well none of the BOYS on Ms. Priss' team
wanted to play!
They were too busy crying!!
Ms. Priss is the ONLY girl on her team
and she is the ONLY one that was actually playing!
She even scored a goal BY HERSELF!
Totally 5 on 1 
She scored in the other teams goal,
but I don't care - she led the charge and scored a goal!
There were 5 players on our team there
(the number needed to play)
but the other 4 - all boys
refused to play...
so they called the game since Ms. Priss was the 
only one playing and it was 
5 on 1.

I was so stinking proud of her!!!

Whoo Hoo!!

You Go Girl!!!

Here is yet another picture of parents pleading with their sons
to play soccer...

My girl is standing in the middle of the field ready to play!!


After they called the game,
we ventured over to catch the last inning of J's game.
Daddy is having to remind himself what its like to 
coach kids who have never played baseball before.
Quite a few have no idea 
- how to hold a bat
- how to throw a ball
- how to run the bases
- where the bases are
- when to run the bases

So J decided to show them how it is done!

Duck daddy - this one is coming straight at you!

Apparently daddy had to get out of the way for his next hit too!

Then J was literally pushing the kid in front of him
around the bases!

And he insisted on sliding into home!

We knew we needed to buy J some new 
and we finally went on Sunday...
we got him a pair 3 sizes LARGER than the ones
he was wearing!
How in the world did I get them on his feet twice every week???
Poor thing...I felt so bad...
but I could still get them on him...
and he didn't complain!

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