Thursday, June 14, 2012

Beating the Texas Heat

A few nights ago we had an early dinner and then 
ventured up to church 
for me to take a class so I could volunteer.
Daddy took the kids to the playground across the street
during my class and everyone was super thirsty
when we left.

We had a couple of things to do on the way home, 
so we stopped at Sonic for some drinks.
R, noticed they had 1/2 price milkshakes after 8pm...
so we indulged!

We got the older boys one of their own,
then split one between the littles.
the littles got pure ice cream...
when I opened it to split it into two cups...
it was just pure ice cream.
I tried to stir it the best I could to make it 
easier for them to eat,
but they were VERY impatient
and I got tired of listening to the complaints
so I handed 
the undrinkable milkshakes back to 

I noticed a short time later, than T had taken 
the lid off and was using his straw as a spoon,
I was impressed with his logical thinking 
and turn back around and we continued our ride home.

Then I noticed how hot it was still outside...
and I took this picture of the temperature gauge on 
my rearview mirror.

This was the temperature at 9:07pm 
on June 11th.

I took this picture and sent it home to my parents 
and sisters...

I decided to take a quick peek at T to 
see how he was doing with is ice cream...

This is how we beat the late night heat in Texas!!!

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