Thursday, June 21, 2012

Another Adventure

We had so much fun on our Father's Day adventure,
we decided to do something a bit crazier
Tuesday night.
We finished dinner early
and decided on a bike ride.
I commented that I wish we had further to ride than
just our neighborhood.
Then remembered that there is a gravel road that
runs beside the highway outside of our neighborhood.
My father-in-law lives 1.6 miles south of us,
on the same side of the highway.
So I suggested we take this
gravel road and see how far it takes us.
It was a LONG and BUMPY
ride, but we got there!!

We did make it on to pavement at one point,
stumbled upon another critter...

No he is not trying to touch it - 
he is giving it bunny ears...
(insert eye roll from mommy here)

Unfortunately, by the time we got there 
we realized it was going to be too dark to ride back.
So daddy and papa grande loaded
all the bikes in the back of papa grande's truck
and then daddy went back and
got the suburban to pick us up in!

Since the babies are in the trailer,
we kept trying to decide if they enjoyed the ride
or not.
Ms. Priss was TIRED from a long day
and a little extra cranky and weepy.
As we were making the 2 min car ride
home, she started just 
She was so upset that we were
leaving our bikes at Papa Grande's!
She had not seen daddy leave
to take them back to the house
and get the car she was riding in...
and she was NOT convinced that the
bikes were already back at the house...
It was too funny,
but makes me think she likes our 
bike rides!

And you can tell by the lack of pictures of this 
I didn't take my phone with me!
I am not sure we will do that particular trek again,
but we have discovered that 
all of the bikes and the trailer will fit
in the back of the truck so we can 
load up and go on another path.
The hardest part of that though...
not the bikes,
the carseats!

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