Friday, June 15, 2012

Baby Shower Invitations

I have a crafty side,
It doesn't come out often enough.
Mainly due to budgetary issues
and I have to have a purpose.
I am not one to make things just to make them.
I don't buy something just to buy something
and I don't go shopping just to shop.
I actually HATE walking aimlessly around a
store, without a purpose.
(but I digress)

My sweet little sister is having her first baby.
This has been the single hardest part of 
this big move...
I cried off and on the weekend she told us 
she was pregnant.
I was so disappointed that I wasn't going 
to get to share this with her.
She is far enough along that the showers are starting.
Airfare has increased,
so unfortunately,
the 1500 mile journey
for a baby shower
isn't gonna happen.

But, I wanted to be involved somehow!
So when the grandmother's-to-be
(aka, Nana & Glamma)
decided to throw a shower,
I decided to dig into my 
crafty side
offered to create the invitations.
It is the one thing I can do 
while being 1500 miles away.

I am so pleased with how they turned out!

I went through a couple of  designs before I settled on this one.

After a couple of different attempts, I settled on this design.

After the design was decided upon, 
I put my paper cutter to use.
I definitely couldn't have managed this project without it.

I also discovered a new crafting tool
"adhesive squares".
I wasn't quite sure how I was going to assemble
these invitations,
we use glue sticks for this type of thing in this house...
but glue sticks don't seem to fit the bill for this project.

After cutting out all of my pieces, 
and tying up the little bows...
I started assembling.

The results!

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