Monday, July 9, 2012


My sister sent me a text a couple of days
ago asking if I was still alive...

Just in case you guys missed me
and were wondering the same thing,
yes, I am still alive.

Aside from the chaotic normalcy around here,
after spending Friday evening at the Y
for a flag football game,
then getting up and getting BACK to the Y
for two 8am games on Saturday morning,
we ventured out to the airport to pick up
(my mother-in-law).

And we didn't slow down til we put her back
on the plane a week later.
She got a kick out of the fact that we were
more exhausted than she was!

I can't remember it all
and we don't have a lot of pictures.
She has a MUCH nicer camera than
the one on my phone,
but when we went to download them
some of them wouldn't convert!

Here is kinda how our week went:

I love the Riverwalk and enjoy taking family
there when the come to visit.
We ventured around the mall,
went for the standard boat ride
then hit the
Rainforest Cafe
for lunch.
Cute place!
I think we went to the pool after that
but can't remember - it seems like forever ago!

My poor children associate their Grammy
with Chuck E Cheese.
I am not a fan,
but Grammy loves taking the kids
and that is one thing they look forward to
whenever we see Grammy.
So we spent most of the morning there.
It was actually nice!
There were a few other kids there until
shortly after lunch.
The older boys got more freedom than normal
and I didn't have to carry around a baby
the whole time.
Can't remember what we did Monday night either...

We hit Tae Kwon Do
then Chick Fil A
then the pool.
Then mommy and daddy got to go on a
much needed date.
We have had so few of those lately
we really weren't sure what to do with
We debated just grabbing dinner locally
and then running a few errands,
but where was the fun in that?
We wound up going back down to the Riverwalk
and restaurant hopping our way down the river!
We grabbed an appetizer and a drink
at two different restaurants
at one of their riverside tables.
Then we wound up at a place
called "MadDogs"
wasn't my favorite,
but the hubby liked it.
So we wound up doing something we
both liked.
It was great,
but I think it took us the car ride out there
to get into the groove!


SeaWorld - ALL DAY!!!
We wanted to get there around opening at 9am
just so we could beat the heat and the crowds.
We arrived at 9:30am
and didn't leave til they kicked us out!
What a LONG day!
But everyone enjoyed it.
It was Grammy's first time
at SeaWorld and she said she
wants to spend more time there
next time she comes down.
We hung out long enough to
catch the fireworks display.
And since we did close it down,
it took us an hour to get out of the
parking lot!

Mr. T and I got to crawl through the
playground maze...

We hit a couple of rides...
 (Look ma - no hands)

Mr. T enjoyed it for a minute then tried his
darndest to crawl in my lap during the ride...

After a few rides and a few shows
and taking them to the splash park for a bit...
the littles PASSED out 
while waiting for Daddy, Grammy & the boys
to ride on the log flume
(or Journey to Atlantis)

Then we hit the fireworks.
Mr. T snuggled down into the crook of
daddy's legs
and Ms. Priss was covering her ears
and closing her eyes...
so she missed everything.


We hit Incredible Pizza
it was our second time -
more about our previous visit

We got a couple more pictures
on this visit.
And ironically,
it wasn't as much "fun" this
time around as it was the first.

We did the go-carts a couple of times.

Silly picture of my passenger.


All week we had been discussing going
to the circus on Friday evening.
But the tickets were never purchased
and no one really pushed for it.
The kids have never been
and I was totally looking forward to it.
But kinda felt like we had done enough for one week!

We went to see Brave
and this time Mr. T decided he would allow
me to watch it.
We went to see The Avengers a few weeks
me & Mr. T walked the halls through
95% of the movie.
Luckily we got a couple of passes
to come back at a later date.

Then we did dinner and hit the pool.
So kinda a chill day compared to
the rest of our week.

Then Saturday we put
Grammy on a plane back home.
We didn't bother to check the flight status
and she texted us a short while later
to inform us that her flight had been
delayed by an hour due to a storm in Dallas.
We asked her to text or call when she finally
arrived home later that evening.
Sunday morning, we had not received a call
or a text.  So I shot her a quick
text telling her I hope she was
enjoying her bed and the rest.
Her response:
"I am still in Dallas"

OH NO!!!

Due to the weather delays,
they eventually just cancelled the flight
and she was stuck at the airport!!!
What a way to end a trip!!
She eventually made it home about
14 hours after her original arrival time,
but she made it safe and sound.


  1. Just visiting from the MODG forum! Great blog! I wish we were closer... our boys would have fun together!

    1. Thanks so much for the visit!!! I love visitors and it definitely helps "keep me going"!! ;)