Monday, July 30, 2012

First Giveaway & Book Review: Ramblings from the Shower by Faye Bryant

I am so excited...
I have my first giveaway!
Keep reading!!!

We got a bit of unexpected news 
about 2 weeks ago,
it is not lifeshattering,
just a minor hiccup...
I am the type to 
worry over EVERYTHING.
And in order to attempt to prevent
the worrying that I KNOW is coming,
I research and make calls and panic
and attempt to control the situations
and get impatient when 
other people don't share my priorities.

In the midst of all this worry
about what ifs...
I got another book in the mail.

It was one I was looking forward to reading.
The title alone got my interest!

"Ramblings from the Shower"

Ramble - that describes what frequently
comes out of my mouth
and what is constantly going on in my head
and occasionally what you guys
get the privilege of reading on here!

This book was perfectly timed
and I think I actually need to go back 
and read it

This is the first time since college
(actually I am not sure I remember doing it then either)
that I have tabbed so many quotes
and passages in a book!


Here is the information I received on the book:

Ramblings From The Shower by, Faye Bryant
Faye Bryant | Ramblings from the Shower
ISBN-10: 1439240329 |ISBN-13: 978-1439240328 | Format: Soft Cover  | Pages: 210
What do you think about in the shower?
And where do those thoughts take you?
In “Ramblings from the Shower,” author Faye Bryant shares some of the thoughts that have come her way during the mundane task of everyday hygiene, and how those thoughts have compelled her to ask, “What about this, God? What do You think?”
Follow along as Faye shares through personal experience and revelation her conclusions on just what God does think.
Author, Faye Bryant

Faye Bryant
Faye Bryant is an outspoken advocate for authentic Christianity, having lived as a mask-wearer for years. She has spoken before several groups on living real and loving raw. She has served on a church staff for over ten years. She is also a hobbyist photographer, a history buff and a menace at trivia games. She has been a wife… then an ex-wife… and is a wife again. Mom… then step-mom. Then step-grandmom. She has been rejected… then accepted. Abused… then loved. And she has learned how to love in return. She was whole… then cancer. She has battled with fear… then was brought to a place of peace. Now she is facing the future with hope and confidence in God. Meeting life right where it happens, through a variety of experiences, Faye has learned that life can hurt, but God’s love is real, and God never expects us to go it alone, or be something other than what He has called us to be. Through her warm and witty sense of humor, Faye now shares her faith and love for God alongside her husband Jack, through their church in the mountains of East Tennessee.
Faye blogs at and tweets at @rfbryant

My Take:


There is no other way to say it.
It was like she was talking directly to me,
I felt like we were having a conversation.

I didn't have any "revelations" while reading it.
But I enjoyed every minute.
Her writing style was VERY easy to read.
She has wit & humor in the book
and I could definitely relate
to MOST of what she wrote about.

True life events,
finding the "good" in everything,
not judging others...

This book reminded me of what my job was
and what God's job is.
I *know* these things...
but for whatever reason,
I  need frequent reminders.
I have a hard time waiting on Him
to do things in HIS time
so I worry myself silly,
attempt to control things I have NO control over
have little patience...
don't believe me
(ask my kids and husband! - ha!)

I have patience...
I just choose not to exercise that "gift"
as often as I should...

I finished reading the book in about 2 days.

Click on the link below,
Zip on over to Amazon
and grab a copy.

by Faye Bryant

Trust me - 
you will not regret the purchase of this book!

As a matter of fact,
I am going to read it AGAIN!
And I am going to sit down with
a notebook and a pen
and go through one chapter
at a time
and really concentrate on each
and maybe even underline
and highlight in it!!!

Ms. Bryant
has agreed to send one of my lucky readers
a copy of her book!!
Whoo hoo!
I can't believe it,
I am just busting with excitement...
can you tell??

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Thanks and GOOD LUCK!
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I am so excited!!!!

Disclosure:  I received a free copy of this book/Ebook/Product to review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations. I am part of The CWA Review Crew.


  1. I haven't read a book since Ryan was born. Would love to get back into reading but I have no idea how to know if I'm going to like a book when I try finding one at the store. Of course I trust your opinion of a good book which is why I'm commenting to enter the give-a-way for Ramblings from the Shower. :)

    1. Thank you Tonya! Good Luck!!! :) You will love the book!

  2. I CONSTANTLY ramble inside my own head, worry over things I know I should leave in God's hands, and I haven't read a book JUST FOR ME in ages. :)

    1. Sounds oddly familiar! ;) Good luck!! Thanks for stopping by!!

  3. Awesome giveaway, thank you. I could always use a little inspirational reading

    1. You will get it from this book!! Thank you for stopping by!! :)

  4. So I dont ramble, I will try to make this short and to the point. I need to read something like this. I dont do well when I don hae control of a daughter who joined the National Guard last October. I am so proud of her, But she leaves tomorrow for Afghanistan and I feel so out of control. And I sure need to find patience to get thru until next July which is when she will be back. She is my fist born and my best friend and I need God to take care of her. And I need help to get thru and have the strength to stay strong for my other two kids. Thanks for having the give-away.

    1. Rhonda - this book will definitely help calm your nerves a little. I cannot imagine your anxiety. Thank you for raising such a wonderful daughter that is willing to do this for our country. And please thank her for us too! You both deserve way more than "thank yous"!

  5. Just reading your review I could feel the excitement behind it. That alone makes me want to read it!!!! I don't make lots of time to read books on my own, but this one sounds amazing. I would love to read it. Thanks for the offer and I liked you on Facebook!

    1. Yeah - so glad you could feel my excitement about this book!! I really can't wait to sit down and read it again...slower! This book is an easy and super quick read! All you will have to do is start it...

  6. It makes me happy to know that people actually get to take a long enough shower to "ramble". :) Maybe after reading this I will take a little extra time to do that. Thanks for the chance to win.

    1. There is something about a shower (albeit quick ones) that do seem to allow my brain to function differently...for just a few minutes. ;)

  7. Great review!!! Ladies, I am halfway through this book and will be reviewing also. It is well worth reading so enjoy the giveaway.

    1. Yeah! Thank you for your input and encouragement!!

  8. I need this book because I'm about to have a baby! And along with that comes anxiety and worry. Would love to read an encouraging book (: