Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Advent Adventures: Christmas Cookies

Along with our graham cracker
gingerbread houses,
we also make Christmas cookies every year.

You HAVE to have cookies
to put out for Santa, right??

We do it up.
We do the homemade dough,
rolling them out with a rolling pin,
cutting them out with cookie cutters,
baking them
then decorating with buttercream!

We do it up!
Have for years!
Even before the kids were really
old enough to really understand what we were doing.

And we have always tried to do them with my mom.
Cause Nana loves baking!!

So this year,
we just happened to schedule our cooking baking
when Nana & Papa were coming down
to babysit so daddy and I could go to a 
Christmas Party.

I usually get lots of pictures
of the afters 
but I was partying!

So here are just the during pictures,
before we left.

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