Thursday, April 10, 2014

New Venture - Jessica's Vineyard

I think we all have a little 
entrepreneurship bone in us.

Each of us.

I have earned my own money 
since I was 13,
when I started babysitting.

I started working part-time,
by choice,
at the age of 15 at the local
mexican restaruant chain,
(foreshadowing my future??) ,

*which during my search for a link,
I discovered are hard to find now
because of a bad food poisoning outbreak in the chain.

my first job was working as a hostess,
wearing the little senorita outfit
and it was really quite cute.
I enjoyed it.
And really worked in restaurants
the rest of my 
"part-time" career
(through college).

Then I got real jobs,
corporate jobs based on my 
mechanical engineering degree 
from NC State.

Then I gave all of that up,
to raise all these babies
I wanted to have.

Which as you can imagine,
was quite a shock to the pocketbook!

Thankfully, I married a very driven man,
and we are doing just fine.

I have always wanted some way to contribute financially
to the family.

I have tried (not really *tried*) many of the party things
(its not "me")
(until I found Thirty One - LOVE THEIR STUFF!!
but that is a different story!)

We have owned our own business,
as a couple,
I love that!

**Loved working with my husband.
I thought we would never be able to work together,
because we both like being in charge...
but we "knew our roles" 
and had no problems.  
We work well together,
in and out of the home!**

The hubs has dabbled in 
little side jobs,
things that always dealt with 
his current hobby.
Which was fine,
because it wound up helping pay for the hobby.  

After years of trying to keep up
with the little pocket cameras
and constantly 
"misplacing them" AFTER I had
pictures on them!

I decided what I needed was a bigger camera.
One that I wouldn't lose!

So after lots of research,
we bit the bullet and settled on a 
super nice (by my standards)
DSLR Canon t3i.


Within the first few weeks,
I was taking Christmas card
pictures for our friends down the street!

This is interesting.

Fast forward 9 months,
and I am walking around with my camera
at the Upward Flag Football games.
The director asked me to make
sure I sent him the pictures 
for the end of year ceremony.

I happily agreed,
then decided to start taking pictures
of other children too.

Then, he asked me 
if I would be interested in taking the team

Are you sure??

So I happily agreed.

But, being one to "do it right".
I researched and googled
and decided to offer my pictures
on-line to my customers as well as print.

I also didn't want to just send them up to
the chain photo printing places 
(Wal-Mart, Walgreens)
mainly because I wanted something special.

Each year when my kids do sports,
we get the collage picture
that has the team and the individual on it.

So I hunted for a place that would print those!

I finally found it.
And found a hosting site.

So I started my own little photography business.

So I started 
"Jessica's Vineyard"

This particular entity is

I know these are a dime a dozen now.
And that is ok.
I am kinda sticking with the sports niche right now,
I would like to do other portraits,
but this is just a hobby,
and I will follow it where it leads.

This will be the name of 
all of my little ventures to come!

Cakes by Jessica's Vineyard

Thirty One through Jessica's Vineyard

and eventually,
(not sure how realistic)
but I would love to own a vineyard,
in the mountains of NC...
on a lake
with a bed and breakfast (maybe)

And it will be called:

Jessica's Vineyard

I mentioned above...
that I am not much of a party pyramid
sales thing type of person...
I am not.

I have tried:
*Avon, gave it a decent go.
*Pampered Chef,
no scratch that - I signed up for it,
got the stuff,
intended to sell it,
never had a party,
never sold a thing.
*Looked into and considered others
KNOWING that these things were NOT me!

Then I discovered Thirty One!
These bags are great!!
I use a lot of these things
(cheaper version)
And they fall apart!

I love Thirty One stuff!

Haven't had a party yet...
I feel bad asking people to host one.
Especially people I know!
And I feel like my area is
saturated with ladies selling this stuff.
But hopefully I can make a decent go of it...
if I ever decide to start asking people
to host parties...

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