Sunday, April 13, 2014

Upward End Of Season Event

we took time out from our
 Advent Adventures
to spend a little
extra time with

After the Christmas Parade,
we were invited to participate
in the Upward End Of Season Ceremony.

They do it right!
This is not a simple handing out of awards.

It is a show,
passing out of awards,
sometimes dinner too!

Upward does it up!

I was graciously allowed to be a part
of the ceremony
and got a THRILL
from seeing all of my photos up on the
big screen.
I loved loved loved hearing all of the kids
getting so excited about seeing themselves
and their friends up on the screen!

Then, we handed our awards
got ready for the entertainment.

We were treated to a short show
from a ventriloquist.

It was a cute show.

At one point during the show,
he called my husband, by name,
out of the audience and asked him to
join him on stage.

My brain was going a mile a minute:
What is going on?
Did he know about this?
What in the world is he going to do?
I am not involved, am I?
Oh gosh, what is he going to do???

He was introduced,
and thanked for "volunteering"...

Then the fun began:
My intelligent, very educated husband,
right then and there,
before my very eyes...
became a dummy.

(our oldest was not happy about that 
and shouted from the crowd that he wasn't a dummy,
he was the smartest man he knew)

The performer had a little fun with him,
and even said something about 
his beautiful wife, Jessica (me, of course)
and again,
brain was going a mile a minute...
Is he in on this?
What are they doing???

Then the real fun began!

Thankfully my husband was a good sport
and played along...

I was in too much shock to 
record all of it,
but thankfully I got the best part.


The video is too large to put on the blog.
So you have to head over to 
YouTube to watch it.

Forgive the quality,
and the lighting...
it was from my phone
in a dark auditorium.

Click on the link below to watch:

Love you daddy!!

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  1. Oh gosh that was hilarious! What a good sport! (: