Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Advent Adventures: Christmas Day

There is no "normalcy" to 
Christmas at this point 
with all of the moving we have done lately,
ever since our oldest celebrated his
second Christmas...
we have told our entire family,
that we will be home
on Christmas morning.
Santa would be visiting 
our house.
I was not excited about
dragging Santa to and from
different houses
and dealing with that fun.

Many people do it...
and I am impressed.
We will wake up in our own beds,
unless something CRAZY happens.

Then when the kids get older,
we are TOTALLY
pulling a 
Christmas with the Kranks
the hubs and I are jetting off to somewhere
Just like we did our first Christmas as a married couple.

This past year we did start what I hope is a new
we went out to a decent restaurant 
after Christmas Eve Mass!
We have never done that before.
But the kids were great
we really enjoyed ourselves
I didn't have to cook
it was one less thing I had to do that night!

It was a nice treat!

Santa arrived

And it is always mind blowing how long it takes
to get ready for Santa...

vs how long it takes them to 
tear through everything!!

 This year we went all out...
and gave our kids...

the world!!!

we didn't go all out.
We go a little more "out" 
than I think necessary,
times 4...
but thankfully
Christmas only happens once a year!

We had our traditional 
Christmas morning breakfast items:

Homemade Monkey Bread
I tried something different this year
and made it with cinnamon rolls
and it was not as much of a hit 
as the traditional kind.

We also have sausage pinwheels.
Things we can grab between present openings.

Rico got a Kindle

Jackson got a knife to help me cook
(this one was pitiful, so he uses a real one when he helps)

Then I bet you can't guess what this gift is...

Daddy spent a LOT of time wrapping it.

The littles got these 
Rody Horses
which have somehow been renamed:

Wonky Donkeys

Now the putting together begins!!

We headed an hour north to my folks.

And all my boys sat and played on their 
electronics while waiting for the food to cook...

the three littlest birds,
were in the kitchen,
helping taste test the meat...

The post food nap
with Aunt Melanie.

Uncle Jack's 
post-bath double handful.

Then this one
was just too cute 
NOT to share.

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