Friday, April 4, 2014

Craft Corner - Hurricane Wine Glass Vases


Is that really a thing?
Hurricane Wine Glass Vases?

They are now!

My middle sister turned the big 3-0 this year!
So did her husband (5 days later)
So the families got together and planned
a big combo surprise party.

We wanted to keep it somewhat 
yet sparkly


Their birthdays are on either side of 
the 22nd and 27th of December.
So their birthdays always seemed to get
mixed up with Christmas.

I decided to hit her 
Pinterest board for ideas
for decorations

I came up with this idea based on something
I saw on her Pinterest board
the fact that she is a wine drinker too.

So again,
thanks to Pinterest
the Dollar Store...

Forgive the chaotic pictures,
that is my life...

I was putting these together while I was making lunch
and the kids were eating.

While I had 5 minutes of

I purchased 2 candle holders with circle bases. (foreground of picture)
And 2 goblet shaped vases. (behind the candle holders)

I removed the stickers
removed all sticker residue
with a cotton ball
rubbing alcohol.

I also ran an alcohol soaked cotton ball
around the rim of the candle holders.

Then I used my new favorite SuperGlue!

This tube is amazing too!!
Super easy to use
it doesn't come out too fast.


I could have used hot glue - 
but I was really concerned that it would not
adhere to glass very well
and would come apart quickly.
I was aware that superglue might
leave a milky appearance
where the glue was,
but I was willing to take that chance,
considering where it would be located
and that it would be really hard to see
when the vases were filled.

I turned the vase upside down on the table,
ran a quick and thin stream of 
superglue on the edge of the candle stick,
eyeballed the center,
and held it in place.

I let it sit for a bit,
then turned it over and it was 

Giant wine glass hurricane vase!

I didn't do both of them at once,
because I found out that there was a 
bump on the rim of one of the candlesticks,
preventing it from fitting flush against the base
of the vase.

So a second trip to the Dollar Store was needed.

And here is the result!

We did wind up filling them with sparkly ornaments
(yes Christmas-y, but sparkly too).

These were part of my sister's gift.

I am not sure what she is currently using them for
but I think she liked how they turned out.

I did!

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