Sunday, April 6, 2014

Creative Cakes - Car Shaped Cookie Cake

Along with decorations for the party,
I was nominated to make the
birthday boy's cake.

He is totally into racing
(not the Nascar kind, 
but the him behind the wheel kind).

He is also not a huge
fan of cake...

Funfetti is his favorite,
only if he has to pick a cake.

So at the encouragement of his mom,
I decided to do a cookie cake
in the shape of a car.


I have done quite a few interesting cakes
over the past 9 years
of making my kids cakes.

But NEVER a shaped cookie cake!!!

I purchased a roll of cookie dough.
This was going to be challenging enough
I was not fighting with homemade cookie dough.

I cut down a piece of parchment (sort of)
to fit onto my cookie sheet.

Then rolled out the dough to roughly the size of the pan...
and did something I don't do!
I free-hand cut out the shape of a car.

I can't free-hand

I forgot to take a picture before I threw it in the oven,
so here is what it looked like IN the oven!

I made little lines in the cookie where I thought 
the doors, windows and wheels would go.

I had NO idea how long to bake it.
I didn't want it too crunchy nor too soft.
I pulled it out when it looked and smelled
like a cooked cookie.
(no idea how long or what temp I cooked it on either-
not much of a "recipe" is it??)

Removing it from the pan was the hard part.
As you can see, if you look closely,
it cracked a little.

Then came the decorating part.
What to do???
I consulted my master cake friend.
She had a couple of great ideas,
but I was worried about
"messing it up".

I thought about covering the entire cookie in icing.
I thought about lots of colors and design work.
I thought about messing it up...

So I settled on the basic outline,
his name,
and age.

Not the best presentation, I know.

I wasn't willing to move it again,
nor take it off of the parchment paper.

So I made due with what I had,
and I had to transport it over an hour away.

I was happy with how it turned out.

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