Monday, April 21, 2014

Advent Adventures: Our Advent Calendar

Advent Calendars...
what a great way to count down 
the days til Christmas.
It is so exciting to watch as 
you slowly
work through the calendar
knowing that Christmas Day
is getting closer and closer!

I love the idea
and we have done one,
of some type,
every year.

We have done the chocolate kind.
We have done the Lego kind.
But when you have 4 kids...
individual calendars
take up a LOT of space
a LOT of money!!!
The one year we had the Lego one,
we had 3 kids participating.
The boys really took turns putting the little 
Lego figure together
and Lex totally got left out.

Not a lot of fun.
I also wanted ways to incorporate 
the reason for the season 
into our Advent Calendar.

So last year,

And I came up with a great plan.

Here is the posting from last year
about our

Advent Calendar

This year,
we had the PERFECT spot for it.


I even added the little "clue cards"
Truth in the Tinsel
to our daily stockings
(along with a piece of chocolate for each member of the family!)

This worked BEAUTIFULLY!

The only addition I hope to eventually be able
to keep up with
is the addition of a festive
activity each day.

Making cookies,
hot cocoa and a Christmas movie,
making gingerbread houses...

things like that.

But I am SO not on top of stuff
to be able to plan what
we will be able to do each night.
I need something WAY more fluid
and would have to just make a list
and put the idea into the stocking the night before
based on our schedule for the next day.

That is the ONLY way I could keep up with it.

So note to self:
in just over 7 months,
start compiling a list of things that we can do
to add to our other Advent Adventures!

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