Thursday, April 24, 2014

Homeschooling: Christmas Jump Rope Camp

My guys have been exposed to jump rope
a few different times.
PE in public school
PE in our homeschool PE class in Texas
Jump Rope class in our Co-op here last semester...
and they enjoy it!

So when we were given an opportunity to participate
in a Christmas break Jump Rope Camp 
we jumped at it!
Har har!

It happened to be a few days before Christmas,
so we signed our oldest 2 up.

When we got there,
our daughter decided she 
HAD to stay and participate too!
So after a little running around to get and bring her lunch
Daddy and I had a little time with
just the baby of the family!
I am not sure when or if we will ever get that again!
We did a little last minute shopping
and the time passed WAY quicker than we thought it would!!

When we got back to pick up the rest of the crew,
they had a little "show" for us.
To show us what they had learned!

Jackson really didn't want to stay actually,
because he knew it was going to be high energy!
But he thought that it was going to be 4 hours of non-stop
jumping rope!
Sweet boy!
It was NOT.
They had plenty of breaks
plenty of downtime.

And he survived!!!

Rico has learned quite a few tricks
and it going to have to show Papa.
My dad used to teach PE back in his 
"previous life" and was actually pretty good at
jump rope and enjoyed showing off his trick.

Wonder if he can still do them??

Jump Rope Camp was a success!!

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