Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Advent Adventures: Christmas Travels

We did a little traveling
this Christmas season,
much to my husband's displeasure...
When he was growing up,
his family would spend the day
at home,
relaxing and enjoying their 
Christmas gifts.

My family...
We would open presents,
then be on the road before lunch,
headed to my paternal grandmother's,
about 3 hours southeast.
We would arrive there shortly after lunch.
Visit for a few hours,
then load back up,
head about 2 hours 
due west
to my maternal grandmother's house.
Then spend the night there along with 
the rest of the families.
(typically 12-15 people total
in a one story, 3 bedroom/2 bath house)
We would spend some of the next day there,
then head home again.

So staying home over Christmas...
not a fan.
I am home 24/7 now.
And I love to be on the go!
So off we went!

We spent the night at my folks
Christmas night since they were on the way to the next stop.

The next day,
we loaded up 
and headed to my maternal grandmother's.
(my paternal grandmother passed away when Rico was just a few 
months old, but she got to meet him and
I will never ever ever forget the sight of 
seeing her holding him for the first time)

We headed to my grandmother's
and some more of the family.

Post eating nap time with Aunt Melanie again.
(she is pretending to be asleep here)

I can't remember what the eye patch thing was for...

The big boys got 
Catapult kits...
so since we were traveling,
we decided to bring some of our new
stuff with us.

Daddy and Jackson worked on the catapults!

Then Aunt Gloria brought each of the 
littles a sweet game.

We played Ants in the Pants.
It is very cute to see how adults
can play down to the kids...
and act just like kids themselves!

As you can imagine,
when you have 15+ people in a
3 bedroom house,
the sleeping arrangements get kinda tight...

They weren't *this* tight for the entire night...

We spent a day or so at my grandmothers, 
which is about 3 hours southwest of my mom's.
We are about an hour south east of my mom's.
We drove back to my mom's,
dropped her off,
then headed on to our house.

The next day,
we finished loading up the camper,
then headed about 3 1/2 hours northeast
to see my husband's mom and sister.

We stayed at a campground that
my husband grew up visiting...
just never in the winter!
Most of the bath houses had been winterized
(which we didn't know)!

We stayed for a couple of days.
We went fishing,
played games,

ate ice cream,

went to the movies,

met the newest member of the family
(sister in law's new puppy!)

and just relaxed!

We decided to stay through New Year's Eve,
and leave New Year's Day...

Because it was chilly,
we were using our propane to 
heat the camper and to cook with!
Unbeknownst to us...
we were running low on propane...

Then on New Year's Eve,
at about 9pm
we realized that the heat was
no longer working...
We were out of propane!

We had to scramble!
No where was open!!!

Long story, but we 
wound up borrowing a tank
for the night.

as if that wasn't enough excitement for one night...
Jackson either ate something 
got a bug...
but he felt horrible
would up getting sick!
That is not fun ever...
but even less fun,
in a camper...
in the winter.

We had fun,
but I was ready to go home!

On a completely different note,
I learned that there are vintage tags
for vehicles 
and that apparently this
Toyota Cressida 
is consider a vintage vehicle!

I am not sure why I found that funny
and photo worthy...
but I did.

And here we are at the end of April 2014,
and I have FINALLY finished posting about
all of the excitement in 2013!

We have finally made it to 2014!!

Whoo hoo!!!

I can't wait to tell you what we have been up to so far...
seeing as I am STILL 4 months behind.

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